Photo by Karine Simon

Photo by Karine Simon


“Natasha could read the alphabet all day long, and I’d stop everything to just listen. Then the next thing you know you’re running to all your friends, like… Have you heard the alphabet? Have you heard the alphabet? Dude, you’ve got to hear the alphabet! But it ain’t about the damn alphabet…It’s how she reads it. Ya just gotta hear more, in case you missed anything the first 26 times!”

-Chris Rock, comedian


“Basically Natasha can read anything and make it sound like the best thing you’ve ever heard. She even makes manuals and textbooks sound like the most exciting stuff you’ve ever heard. It’s crazy.”

-Dr. Ingrid Townsend, UVA


“You want an extraordinary audiobook…?  Let Natasha narrate it. Even if your writing sucks, people will buy that audiobook and listen. Because she’s an alchemist, and will turn your shit into gold and dollars and spiritual awakenings.”

-Harris Wittels, TV writer


“I’d heard about Natasha when I was doing my book on women. Then I heard her voice…and wanted to take her picture.”

-Annie Liebowitz, photographer