Natasha Soudek

Photo by Jonas Kulikauskas

“Natasha’s look is very striking, and totally unique, that’s obvious. But her voice…is equally authentic, and captivating, and expressive, and beautiful. And then she’s just a great gal, and such a joy to be around.”

-Steve Buscemi, actor

If you’ve watched TV at all in the past ten years, you’ve definitely seen her face in any number of wildly successful national, global, and Super Bowl commercials: Elven Warrior Princess (Dell Computers), a zombie trying to eat Ricky Gervais (Time Warner Cable), a Vulcan making eyes at Leonard Nimoy (Aleve), a Beverly Hills shopkeeper in the company of Derek Jeter and John Stamos (Propel H20), a bodyguard fighting off countless paparazzi on the steps of City Hall (Mercedes Benz), a Killer Chef (Fresh & Easy), or shopping downtown with Sharon Osbourne (Money Super Market). Her face matches her voice: unique, distinct, and unforgettable.

The daughter of two English professors, Natasha was raised in the South, speaks native German, lived in Berlin and Vienna, and finally settled in the Lower East Side of NYC as a teenager. After honing her stage presence by studying acting and playing hundreds of sold-out live music shows (singing and playing bass), she moved to LA to record with Channel/DreamWorks. Favored on KCRW, Chris Douridas compared her vocals and songwriting to the Beatles’ Let it Be in meaning and soulfulness… qualities that translate especially well into her career as an audio-book narrator.